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Canal Digital Go!

News   •   Nov 24, 2011 10:46 GMT

Canal Digital just launched their marketing campaign for their digital entertainment portal Canal Digital Go! With the market’s largest selection of movie rentals (Video On Demand, VOD) they aim to attract more users and increase awareness of their VOD service. Canal Digital Go! Was launched in February 2011 and is offered to their satellite TV customers as well as to their cable-TV customers. Canal Digital Go! is available on the Web (Mac and PC’s) on Set-top-boxes and on Samsung Smart-TV. Xstream’s Online Video Platform, MediaMaker is the engine behind Canal Digital Go. Canal Digital Go! Customers get access to nearly 3,000 rental movies from SF Anytime and Nordisk Film.

Xstream’s Online Video Platform, MediaMaker is the engine behind Canal Digital Go! It’s deeply integrated with their existing CMS systems and other third-party CMS systems, ensuring a seamless and automated workflow for Canal Digital Go. The VOD solution is available in all Nordic countries, supporting native language and subtitles. Using the User Management module in MediaMaker, Canal Digital can easily administrate system administration levels for each country and department.

See the Canal Digital Go! video commercial, created by Try Reklamebyrå

Furthermore the solution enables Canal Digital Go! to import metadata and add it to relevant content, encode the content, encrypt it and distribute it to all platforms, i.e. Connected TV, Set-top-boxes, web, tablets, iPhone and Smartphone. In addition to enabling streaming to all platforms, Xstream has also developed the applications for Connected TV and Set-top-boxes for Canal Digital.

MediaMaker is deeply integrated into Canal Digital Go!s customer database, enabling Canal Digital Go! to track who’s watching what, when and on what device. By using the Shop module, they are also able to divide their clients into various groups, such as A customers, B customers etc. Furthermore MediaMaker is integrated with the third-party billing system, Payex.  

 Canal Digital Go!s MediaMaker modules and add-on services

  • Shop module; create and manage user accounts, payment options and product and pricing models, order overview, analytics, create vouchers and much more.
  • Analytics: Keeping track of their customers viewing habits, what device they use, most seen videos, real time analytics and user engagement.
  • Encryption: Canal Digital Go! is using Microsoft PlayReady DRM to encrypt their content.
  • Media Management: Enabling content upload, video playlist, automated encoding, media scheduling, tagging and Geoblocking.
  • Live: Enable Canal Digital Go! to launch powerful live broadcast in any preferred format.
  • User Management: Allowing Canal Digital Go! to manage system administration levels
  • Third- party integration: MediaMaker is deeply integrated into Canal Digital Go!s customer database, the billing system, Payex and other third party solutions. 
  • External: Eases Canal Digital Go!s workflow by providing their external partners and content providers with an FTP access for uploading content directly in their MediaMaker solution
  • Platform module: Provides automated encoding, meta- data management and thumbnail extraction of all content to all platforms.
  • Streaming/ Player: MS Silverlight player with Smooth Streaming
  • Import module: Content producers, such as Nordisk Film and SF Anytime uploads content to Canal Digital Go’s MediaMaker, where MediaMaker automatically encodes, extract relevant meta-data, ie, name of actors in the movie, about the movie, production year etc. Giving Canal Digital Go! the opportunity to focus on content and not advanced technology.