CashGuard releases new version of Store Manager

News   •   Feb 18, 2013 12:30 GMT

CashGuard releases a new updated version of the Store Manager software application. The latest version can handle as many cash points as necessary with improved usability and productivity.

Efficient cash management is crucial for the retail industry. Cash, more than any other method of payment is superior for retailers from a cost efficiency perspective and a streamlined and secure handling of cash has great impact on profits. The total cost of cash management in Sweden is estimated to SEK 8.6 billion on an annual basis *

Store Manager lowers costs

Store Manager from CashGuard is the new generation of software for streamlined and secure handling of cash. The software is currently being implemented among CashGuard’s customers, which includes some of the largest chain stores in the retail industry.

– We know that every part of the cash handling process that can be automated and streamlined translates into decreasing costs for the stores says Pernilla Rehnholm, head of software development at CashGuard. The latest version of Store Manager is based on the experiences of CashGuard’s 20 000 successful cash management installations around the world.

Improved business intelligence

The latest version of Store Manager handles notes and coins for any number of cash points through a user-friendly web interface. With the help of a standard web browser, a store manager or cash manager gets instant information from the check-outs if the level of cash is too low, thus allowing the store to improve its customer service and long-run profitability. On the other hand, when cash levels in cash points become too high, it becomes a safety issue for the employees and the application will alert management. Store Manager will count the checkouts automatically which gives full control over cash levels and removes the need for manual counting of cash. This will save both money and time for the store.

– Store Manager really feels like the cash management solution of the future, it is web based, very easy to use and gives us an instant picture of our entire cash point environment says Alfred Mattson, project manager for Daglivs Fridhemsplan’s Store Manager implementation. Daglivs Fridhemsplan is one of Sweden’s busiest grocery stores.

Recommendations for optimal user experience

·  Windows 7 or higher

·  Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server

·  Windows 7:  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher

·  .NET Framework 4 (full version)

·  6GB RAM or more

·  Intel Core I5 processor or similar

·  1 GB space available on hard drive.

Store Manager is available in the following five languages: English, German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. More languages will subsequently be added.