Chinese banks venture into shipping, part 1

News   •   Jan 24, 2014 13:47 UTC

How has Greek shipping been faring during and after the financial crisis?

Greek shipping still leads the world maritime industry in terms of capacity and in terms of vessels owned. However it has not been easy to overcome the overall crisis, which has not ended yet. We still have some years to go, at least this is how things look at the moment.

It is important that the crisis found Greek ship-owners holding a young fleet with great potential. It is furthermore encouraging that Greek ship-owners keep investing in new vessels with modern technology, caring to comply with the new environmental regulations set by the international organizations governing shipping.

Therefore we have a market that remains very strong. Greek ship-owners show their strong appetite to retain their leading position in the world. Of course, they do not care if they are going to be the number one or number two fleet. However they do want to have a quality fleet and serve their clients, which are the big trading and chartering offices around the globe, properly.

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