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Comoyo will be HUGE!

News   •   Nov 22, 2011 16:12 GMT

There’s no doubt in the mind of the CEO at Telenor, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Telenor has big ambitions with Comoyo and Comoyo will be HUGE.  

- Comoyo is already a major investment and focus area in Telenor. Now it remains to see how large it may be, said Jon Fredrik Baksaas to the Norwegian media, Kampanje.com

Over the last weeks, a war has escalated in the market in Norway, all the players within the VOD and TV everywhere segment, has started massive marketing campaigns to retain and gain customers- the fight is to get a hold of the online TV customers. Comoyo has joined the war and use the Norwegian Pizza “Grandiosa” for their first marketing activity of Comoyo’s TV and film services, an activity that brought in 60.000 users.

On the question:  “Can Comoyo be a competitor to the major international players?”Baksaas replied to kampanje.com “I hope so, definitely. It is our ambition!”

Comoyo is powered by Xstream’s Online Video Platform, MediaMaker. We will keep you updated on the developemnt of the Comoyo platform.

About Comoyo
Comoyo is a company established by Telenor, The formal company name is Comoyo Telenor AS, and is 100 percent owned by Telenor, but is created as a separate company, among other things, to be free to think different than the rest of the Telenor system. Comoyo is Telenor’s new commitment and focus within digital services. Comoyo focuses on innovations in voice and messaging services, secure storage and streaming movies and TV. With this focus, Comoyo is taking Over-the-top- services (OTT) to a new level, where they include all kind of services that can be over-the-top and not limited to a selection of services. Comoyo offer a scalable solution that allows them to easily roll out their services in all of Telenor’s markets, ranging from Svalbard in the north to Malaysia in the south. The ambition is that Comoyo will become a leading supplier of modern internet-based services. Through Telenor’s backbone and network, Comoyo is strongly rooted in local markets, putting them in a unique position to combine local understanding of global competitiveness. Comoyo deliver services over the internet, to any kind of device and all kind of internet provider.