Creativity Online: This Ad Calls Total B.S. on Preachy Millennial-Filled Montages

News   •   Feb 03, 2016 17:23 GMT

Creativity Online has written about Rebtel's Speak Freely commercial:

International calling app Rebtel doesn't pull any punches in calling out those marketers cluttering the airwaves with inspirational images of free-wheeling, defiant, fun-loving and good-looking young people banding together to take on the world.

The brand's new spot, which has both censored and uncensored versions, starts out by following that well-trodden marketing-to-millennials path with vignettes cut together in that familiar formula. The voiceover kicks in to recite an equally "empowering" speech to match, but things take a refreshing turn when it drastically changes its tune..

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