Crosstalks broadcast live for the first time

News   •   Feb 26, 2013 15:42 GMT

The first episode of the international academic talk show Crosstalks was broadcast on Tuesday 20 November 2012. The programme gathered researchers, students, and others to debate and discuss important events, exciting phenonema and world-leading research. Discussions about and around the programme, which is a joint effort between KTH and Stockholm University, continues on the website,, and Twitter.

In the first broadcast of Crosstalks, researchers from the two participating universities met to discuss current global issues such as "How to save capitalism", "The battle for entrepreneurs" and "How to save the world." Participating researchers and professors were, among others, Johan Rockström, Åsa Moberg, Per Krusell and Pontus Braunerhjelm. Filmmaker and photographer Mattias Klum and Josh Lerner, a professor at Harvard Business School and one of the world's foremost experts on venture capital financing, attended via Skype.

Viewers around the world were also able to participate in the discussions with guests and presenter Johanna Koljonen via Skype. People from France, Peru, Canada, and other places took part in these discussions.

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