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​Elma will be purring all the way to the shops thanks to Pretty Kitty!

News   •   Jul 22, 2016 08:58 GMT

Elma will be purring all the way to the shops thanks to Pretty Kitty!

We knew you’d love it! Guaranteed Wishes and Pretty Kitty turned out to be a purrrrfect combination. Our lucky winner, Elma, got to have her wish granted by the VJ fairies, so now she’s off on a fantastic shopping spree. Great choice!

Sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself! Our lucky Pretty Kitty Guaranteed Wish winner certainly learned this, and now she’s ready to shop until she drops.

Elma’s been with us for a long time- she’s a loyal Vera&John player through and through, and her favourite game is Basketball Star. When our special Pretty Kitty Guaranteed Wish event rolled around though, she decided to give the new game a shot and it definitely paid off!

Our happy Vera&John fairies got to grant Elma’s Guaranteed Wish, and she had a great one in mind! Since she already had a trip booked and coming up soon, Elma decided that she wanted to use her wish to do some shopping while was on holiday. Your wish is our command!

“I’m going to post to Instagram and Facebook and tag Vera&John!” Elma told us when we called her. #BestWinnerEver, am I right? “Thank you so much for the win- you’re my favourite casino and I want everyone to find out how much fun it is to play with you!”

Oh Elma, you’re making us blush! We think you’re one cool cat too.

A brilliant holiday spending spree is on the cards for this social-media-savvy winner thanks to Pretty Kitty and Guaranteed Wishes. If you want to sink your claws into some fantastic wins of your very own, don’t miss out on the fun here at Vera&John online casino!