Fighting homophobia with dignity

News   •   May 21, 2014 04:37 GMT

gbtimes: Have you ever felt like a victim of discrimination because of your sexual identity?
Tatyana Lekhatkova: I don’t feel discriminated against at my work place because most of my friends and colleagues belong to the young well-educated community. I haven't experienced any problems with medical services either, because I use my health insurance. I guess I am very lucky in this respect.
Is there a problem of homophobia in contemporary Russian society?
Yes, homophobia is still widespread especially in smaller Russian cities and villages among less educated people. From time to time, I hear news about gay people being beaten up or humiliated and it is very scary. Of course, such cases may occur elsewhere, in African countries for example, but speaking about Eastern Europe, only in Russia and maybe in Ukraine homophobic ideas seem to be accepted on a state level. 

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