German pharmacies understand Cash Management

News   •   May 27, 2014 09:00 GMT

Some weeks ago another successful CashGuard installation was completed at a German Pharmacy. It was the first out of five Klindwort Pharmacies that now started with four CashGuard systems.    

Ever since 2008 CashGuard have helped the pharmacies of Germany to save time and money and at the same time being able to offer better customer service. To handle cash is a big problem for many retailers. The cash needs to be counted many times before it leaves the store, CIT-pickups can be expensive, open cash increases the risks of robbery’s and the staffs focus moves from the customers.

It is there for not strange that more and more Pharmacy’s in Germany sees the benefits of an automated Cash Management solution.

A time after the installation of a Cash Management system Johannes and Cornelius Padberg owner of Rehrener Apotheke Auetal and Stadthäger Apotheke Stadthagen said:
 “The register was correct from the first day and we daily save 2 hours. However the most important thing is that we now have more time to talk to customers and give advice.”  

Recently CashGuard system number 100 in German Pharmacy’s was installed but with the big interest that the German Pharmacies have shown recently also the installation number 200 could happen this year.