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​Get clued in on Heléne’s Jackpot win!

News   •   Jul 21, 2016 08:44 GMT

Get clued in on Heléne’s Jackpot win!

Heléne was looking for a big win. Lucky for her, Sherlock Holmes himself was on the case! The Great Detective followed the clues and helped our lucky winner to track down a brilliant €2,901 Jackpot win. Good show, chaps!

How do you go about chasing down some wonderful wins? Elementary, my dear Watson! It’s time for a trip to the winding cobbled streets of Victorian London with Vera&John online casino and our favourite master detective!

Heléne’s first clue that big wins were on the cards probably came when she opened up Holmes and the Stolen Stones. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest deductive mind to realise that this game’s got great features just waiting to be discovered- particularly the 5 local progressive Jackpots!. AHA!

Faster than you can say “Hound of the Baskervilles”, Heléne was on the trail of a big win! That doesn’t mean it was any less of a brilliant surprise when that €2,901 Jackpot finally landed in her lap. Quite the opposite- Heléne was blown away!

When her screen lit up with that staggering win, she knew she had cracked the case! There were no more mysteries to solve after that, withdrawing her win was quick and easy- just in time for a little bit of summer fun in the sun.

It’s no mystery how Heléne became a happy Jackpot winner- she just followed the trail of clues that led her straight to Vera&John online casino. Get out your magnifying glass and pack your pipe- Holmes’ jackpot wins might be waiting for you, too!