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Guaranteed Winnings: Thomas walks away with €9,000 at Vera&John

News   •   Aug 07, 2013 12:22 GMT

Guaranteed Winnings: Thomas walks away with €9,000 at Vera&John

Thomas has become quite a veteran at Vera&John with multiple big wins on the slot SuperNudge 6000 including the highest win of the day, four days in a row! His wins on the first three days were greater than the guaranteed amount, allowing the pot to grow. When the guarantee hit €9,000 Thomas landed a €7,020 win which crowned him the €9,000 guaranteed winner!

It is safe to say that Thomas has been seen as the King of Vera&John lately. Not only has he won big on the slot Supernudge 6000, but he’s also received a top up of €1,980 cash from the casino.

-  Jeez, I had no idea my winnings had been the biggest every day, what a surprise. I’m so happy I won the guarantee; Thomas says as he continues explaining why he really likes the new campaign.

-  It’s nice that it’s an increasing money pot; it makes it so much more exciting!

So the race continues! Players still have the chance to win a guaranteed €5,000, but now the chance of getting topped up with even more money is greater.

If a player hits a big win of over €5,000 and doesn’t get a cash top up, we’ll continue to increase the guarantee by €1,000 every day until someone receives a cash handout from Vera&John. Once the guarantee is triggered, the pot will restart at €5,000. Don’t forget the massive €50,000 to be paid out by the end of each promotion month.

Join the guaranteed winnings race today and you can be our next winner – right here at Vera&John!