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Happy thanksgiving!

News   •   Nov 23, 2016 13:22 GMT

Time to change gears, and slow down a little bit for the holiday season.

It’s not easy. We get it, because we are owners of a print shop, ourselves.

We are also the founders of arifiQ – a company you asked to hear more from after you learned that we have eliminated one of the industry’s most glaring production bottlenecks: the ridiculous amount of time it takes for an estimate to be generated for any custom or complex job.

In Seconds

arifiQ returns precise, comprehensive quotes based on your resources in seconds– as opposed to the 1-3 day average for custom jobs. And, arifiQ is cloud based, with support for 24/7 uptime and mobile use.

CSRs and sales teams, inside and out, will be unstoppable – generating quotes that become orders while they are still a guest in the customer’s office; or collaborating on changes, and subsequently obtaining approvals, during any encounter – whether in person, by phone, or online.

Your team will come back with orders – not RFQs!

A lot of cool stuff has happened since you saw arifiQ last. In fact, we have significant product news due for release before the end of the year… however, if you join us for a demonstration before that time, we will let you in on the secret (it’s a big deal). Email 

And, If You Will Allow Us…

We have more to tell you – and we’d like to do so through an email note like this, sent once every one or two weeks. Given our background, we can assure you that you will always receive useable, practical news and information that pertains to the printing industry.

There’s so much more to come… including the latest on deQuote, for inplant and corporate environments; and our Adobe InDesign plug in, which makes the process of getting a quote even more efficient – as the designer can obtain a quote during any point in the design process.

We look forward to being in touch again, soon. In the meantime, we wish you, your family, and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Eva Rosen, Founder, CMO/Chairman

*It rhymes with “terrific”