HORIBA Medical successfully launches products at EuroMedLab

News   •   Jul 06, 2017 03:04 UTC

HORIBA Medical exhibited at the EuroMedLab, an international conference and exhibition covering the scientific, doctrinal and technological aspects of laboratory medicine. The event took place at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, Greece, from June 11 to June 15, 2017.

At this year’s EuroMedLab, HORIBA Medical unveiled brand new solutions developed based on its expertise of more than 30 years working to discover solutions that meet the needs of medical laboratories and improving its analyzers to provide more effective diagnosis.

Recaps of new products’ presentations are delivered from the booth.

1. Newest auto loading hematology analyzer Yumizen H550

Christophe Duroux, International Market Manager of HORIBA ABX, explained the business perspectives of the Yumizen H550:“As a new member of the Yumizen H500 products family, the Yumizen H550 has been designed to answer the needs of small labs to perform a fully automated and secured hematology analysis. The Yumizen H550 provides a full walkaway capability _ 40 tubes autonomy, continuous loading, automatic mixing, STAT mode, tubes positive identification _ to laboratories’ users of both emerging markets (small labs, emergencies,…) and more mature markets (backup systems, satellites’ labs, POLs,…).

Based on a ‘three reagents used’ concept, the Yumizen H550 is a compact 6 Diff** hematology analyzer with a fully automatic sampling system, offering a cost-effective solution for the increasing number and demands of lab users.

The worldwide launch of Yumizen H550 is a key first stage for better addressing the small-middle size laboratories market segment and strengthening the core business of HORIBA Medical.”

*Europe Middle East Africa
**6 Diff = LMNEB + LIC

For more about the Yumizen H550, please visit to our product page: http://www.horiba.com/medical/products/hematology/yumizen-h550/yumizen-h550-details/yumizen-h550-32107/

2. Newest high-range hematology solution HELO (HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organization) Solution


  • High throughput from 300 to 20,000 tubes per day
  • Automatic slide stainer
  • Hematology Middleware and expert validation station
  • Comprehensive automated slide digitalization
  • Automated conveyor with multi possible configurations

It offers 4 types of configuration:

Franck Séguy, Corporate Marketing Director of HORIBA ABX, introduced the factors that position the HELO solution as an innovative design solution that covers every need required of high throughput automated hematology platforms: “The philosophy behind HELO is based on our new strategy in the high-end market segment. Up until now, we were suppliers of analyzers. Our goal is to become the providers of solutions in hematology. To achieve this vision, we have designed our HELO solution to be based on four fundamentals pillars:

  • Using reference methods to count cells.
  • Simplifying the user interface with our solution.
  • Consider tube workflow management differently from the competition.
  • Purpose a scalable solution to fit laboratory needs.

As for the benefits of the HELO solution, Séguy continued, “ When we ‘purpose a scalable solution to fit laboratory needs’ it means that how each customer organizes their lab is more or less different. We are able to modify our solution based on the requests of Lab managers, such as:

How we can enhance workflow?

What will be the TAT (Turn Around Time) with this HORIBA solution?

How many tubes are we able to manage per square meter?

The real benefits for the users of our HELO solution are:

  • Peace of mind, due to our efficient embedded technology.
  • Freedom, thanks to the many possible configurations.”

For more about the Yumizen H550, please visit to our product page: http://www.horiba.com/medical/products/global-hematology-solutions/helo/?L=0tx_horibatx_horibafeuserregister_pi1%5Bcmd%5Dtx_horibafeuserregister_pi1%5Bcmd%5D

3. New range of hematology analyzers Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500

(Configuration: Yumizen H2500 + Yumizen SPS + Yumizen P8000)


  • Throughput of 120 tests per hour for CBC including differential and nucleated RBCs
  • Three-dimensional count
  • Low value cycle (automatic readjustment of the counting constants)
  • New platelet determination system via impedance and optical extinction in separate channels

Frederic Guignet, Business Unit Manager and Junior Development Director of HORIBA ABX, answered questions on how Yumizen H2500 can meet its customers’ expectations and how the system functions.

“The main improvements, when compared to the previous high range instruments, are the increase in White Blood Cell linearity, the availability of a second measurement mean for the Platelets and Erythroblast counting in routine mode.

But current trends dictate that the analytical part is not the major point of interest for our customers. What will be more interesting for them is probably the simplicity and ease of use when linked with the HELO solution. The HELO solution combines one or more Yumizen H1500 and/or Yumizen H2500 as a built-in analytical core. With HELO, you just have to load your racks of tubes onto the machines, without worrying about the workload or the order of the samples. The system is completely autonomous in terms of blood mixing, sampling and analysis, rerun/reflex testing and slide preparation, if needed. When all of the necessary operations on the samples are finished, the racks are simply ejected out of the machine in which they were loaded. The results are then automatically managed by our middleware, depending on the tailor-made configuration of the solution.”

For more about the Yumizen H2500 / Yumizen H1500, please visit to our product page: http://www.horiba.com/medical/products/hematology/yumizen-h2500h1500/yumizen-h2500h1500-details/yumizen-h2500-h1500-32143/

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