Lavender gives flavor to this year’s Blossa

News   •   Sep 09, 2014 11:00 GMT

The annual Blossa has been inspired by the purple fields of Provence and flavored with sun-dried lavender.

Blossa 14 is the twelfth annual Blossa in a series of differently flavored and interesting glöggs. Last year the inspiration for the annual Blossa came from quite close – from the region of Dalarna in Southern Sweden with flavor of rose hip and raspberries.

Many associate lavender with images from Provence, France. Lavender is often used as decoration and as a spice in cooking. This year, 992 kilograms of Provencian lavender has been used to produce Blossa 14. 

- We have been inspired by the lovely aromas of lavender and the purple fields of Provence in France, which are also reflected in the bottle design, says Maria Snitting, Senior Brand Manager for Blossa.

- The result is a fresh, aromatic and well-balanced glögg which goes very well with traditional glögg snacks as well as with saltier options such as aged cheese and airdried ham, Maria continues.

Like all the annual editions Blossa 14 is made on a wine base.  This year it consists of French dry wine with high acidity mixed with Spanish Muscat wine. The wine blend has been aged during one month after which it has been flavored with glögg and lavender spirit. Finally, the mix has been sweetened with sugar and acacia honey.

The Blossa 14 bottle is decorated with a stylished purple field pattern and coordinates from the village of Digne-les-Bains in Provence, France.

Blossa 14 will be available in the Nordic markets during October.