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Maximizing Video SEO

News   •   Dec 22, 2011 12:09 UTC

Search engine optimizing (SEO) has become an increasingly important in order to allow your audience to find you on the web. SEO is being used to optimize the value of your site, making it easier for your target audience to find your website and allowing you to generate more qualified leads. Making your online video optimized for search engines is crucial in the race of attracting your viewers, increase brand awareness and monetize and should also be incorporated in companies SEO strategy. We have created a few video SEO tips and techniques for you.

A few tips and tricks to how you can optimize your online videos

Keywords/ tags
A crucial part of the online video SEO is to determinate and add the right keywords/tags to the specific videos. Researches show that when people search for a video, they often include the word “video” in their search, therefore it is also important to add the word “video”, in corporation with all other relevant keywords, in:

  • The title
  • Description 
  • meta-data 
  • thumbnails
  • Link
  • URL
  • Filename

Optimize your URLs
You might be used to this from your website, with you content, but this is also important for your videos. You should optimize your URLs so that they to contain information about the video, include the word “video” in the URL, keep stop words, such as “and”, “the” etc, out of the URL and also make sure to have only one video per URL.

Video Sitemaps, MRSS/RSS
In order for crawlers to easily find your online video content, you can create a sitemap, RSS, or media RSS (MRSS) file to help search engines identify where to locate and index your videos. Adding a full transcript is a really good way to provide good fodder for a video search site to chew on.

Links and Backlinks
Video is judged by the same linking standards as all other forms of digital content, therefore you should get as many backlinks as possible with the relevant keywords and meta-data as the anchor text for these links. This could for instance be:

  • Linking to videos from relevant web pages or blogs
  • Linking to videos from social media pages, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Tweet the video and add relevant hashtag(s) (#)
  • Cross linking to other videos
  • Provide viewers with the opportunity to embed, share, comment on, like and recommend your online videos

Exposure is king

  • Put your video everywhere
  • Allow viewers to rate your video, the higher engagement from users on your video- the better SEO Search engines pays high attention to this when ranking videos. 
  • Allowing your audience to embed you video, increase your exposure, provide you with more backlinks and give you SEO points.
  • Use the MediaMaker YouTube sync, enabling you to automatic post selected video content on your branded YouTube channel as well as in your own online video channel. Creating more backlink, increasing your SEO and it will double your effect of the added meta-data and keywords.

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