Merit Consulting Group

Merit Portal version 4.3 is now available for installation

News   •   Nov 28, 2016 15:15 GMT

With this version, we are improving functionality in existing modules with special emphasis on Merit Portal Equipment. We are including several technical and UI improvements making Merit Portal future proof.

The top new features are:
  • New Plant Maintenance functionality as a part of Merit Portal Equipment, such as functionality for reporting inspections and a site browser that lists positions/equipment level by level.
  • Improvements in Merit Portal Content Connector including IDM upload support.
  • New portlets that handle material procurement requests
  • Improved “look and feel” and increased usability for small devices
  • Improved web application security

In addition, you will find several minor improvements. More information about this can be provided upon request.
Infor and Merit are currently synchronizing the roadmap. We see a great potential for utilizing Infor’s social collaboration platform as a part of future versions of Merit Portal among other areas. As a consequence, the Merit Portal modules have new names (SKU). All contracts, invoices, Merit/Infor support inquiries etc. will use the following codes:

  • IMP-SF Infor Merit System Foundation
  • IMP-INTELL Infor Merit Intelligence
  • IMP-ORDER Infor Merit Order (previous MP Sales)
  • IMP-CLAIMS Infor Merit Claims
  • IMP-MOB Infor Merit Mobile Order Entry
  • IMP-SC Infor Merit Supply Chain
  • IMP-EQUIP Infor Merit Equipment (MP Service + the new plant maintenance & equipment functionality)

Merit Intelligence and Merit Language Packs are available from the Infor Download Center. For other Merit Portal components, use existing routines until further notice, i.e. order through Merit Task Manager

If you wish to get more information, please get in touch with your sales manager.