New Ebook Tells How Everyone Can Improve Machine Translation Quality Easily

News   •   Aug 03, 2012 07:08 GMT

Machine translation is an essential part of the translation industry. Automatic translations made by a machine are fast and easy alternative especially in the online world. However, many people think that the quality of an automatic translation is poor. Their opinion might be based on a single experience some time ago or on opinions of their friends.

The fact is that machine translation is one of the fastest developing technologies. The quality has been improved remarkably during the past few years. There are translators which can constantly translate with fairly good quality. While the data and knowledge behind machine translators have been increased, the translation quality between major languages has taken huge leaps forward. For example English and Spanish is such a language pair which is quite well machine translatable. On top of all this, the user has also a big effect on the quality.

Although the public debate may give negative impression about the machine translation quality, the truth is that machine translation quality is not given. There are ways that help in reaching the highest possible quality. Multilizer has studied these machine translation best practices and the results are now published in an ebook. It is called Machine Translation Quality - A Guide to Machine Translation & Machine Translation Quality. The ebook is available as a PDF copy and it is free. Download it here: