NOA Potions Distribution Inc.


News   •   Jan 29, 2016 13:11 GMT

When it comes to employee satisfaction, the search is over for Google. The Internet giant’s Dublin-based European headquarters will now provide bottles of NOA Relaxation to their employees. NOA Relaxation is the multi-award winning beverage that contributes to reduced stress and increased focus.

"There’s an incredible demand from companies looking to give their employees natural ways to help reduce stress and increase focus,” explains Nina Gillsvik, NOA Chief Marketing Officer. “Google is at the forefront in many other areas, so it’s natural that they’re leading the pack when it comes to stress and focus management.”

Google is renowned for providing its employees with office perks, including an array of catered food options. As part of its commitment to a healthy and productive workplace, the company encourages the use of fresh, organic and healthy options.

"Google is yet another major tech client of our NOA@Work program—our convenient, cost-effective direct-delivery system to help companies provide employees with a tasty and effective way of managing stress and increasing focus,” said Gillsvik.