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Norway tops the digital media poll

News   •   Feb 27, 2013 16:48 GMT

Norway has emerged as the most advanced nation in the world in terms of consumer adoption of digital media. Where the smartphone adoption in Norway is a whopping 45,5% higher than in US Average penetration of IPTV, Smartphones and tablets has reached 38.8% of people, according to a new research from XenithOptimedia.

In Norway, average penetration of IPTV, smartphones and tablets has reached 38.8% of people, in comparison UK is ranked number ten in the same research with totaling 23.1%.

Total penetration of smartphones reached 36% in 2012 across the top 19 markets worldwide, with the forecast suggesting that this will double to 72% by 2015. Smartphone penetration in Norway is already at 65%, compared with a 44% average across the top 19 global markets. The US reaches 19.4%, putting it in 12th place. In other words- the smartphone adoption in Norway is 45,5% higher than in US. South Korea is the market outside Western Europe with the highest adoption of new technology, standing in ninth place with 23.1%.

Tablet penetration, with an average of 5% across the 19 markets in 2012 but is expected to reach 13% by 2015.IPTV is the slowest growing of the three technologies but will reach 9% of homes across the 19 markets by 2015, up from 7% last year. The Netherlands, in third place overall in 2012, is expected to gain the top position by 2015 due to swift growth of IPTV take up, resulting in 91% of homes having the technology by 2015, according to ZenithOptimedia.

The Scandinavian market has always been known for being on top of the digital media poll. Known for being an innovative region, a market where technology is more advanced, has higher demand for usability and flexibility, Scandinavians tend to adopt new technology and devices faster and for being first movers with technology. At Xstream, we’ve had the pleasure of working with and evolving our technology and software in corporation with our many Scandinavian customers. This is a major advance for us now that we’re offering our flexible, intuitive and customized end-to-end video management system and related services to the global market.

Source: campaignlive.co.uk and XenithOptimedia