Omron Total Fair Thailand 2015 Providing Solutions to Contribute to the Realization of a More Affluent Thai Society

News   •   Aug 26, 2015 09:00 GMT

Omron reaffirmed our commitment to meet the challenges of industrial, social and life sectors in Thai society through Omron Total Fair Thailand. Held from 24 to 27 June 2015, Omron Total Fair is part of the Manufacturing Expo (ME) 2015 exhibition at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Our Omron booth at 555sqm, boasts the largest booth at Manufacturing EXPO 2015. We showcased our advanced technology, products and services the entire Omron Group provides to solve our customers' issues, reflecting our total capability and potentials in the development of the Thai Society.

With our experience and achievements on our unique sensing and control technology, we find solutions to various social challenges that will help to contribute to the realization of a more affluent Thai society.

After visiting our booth, an electronics production manager remarked, "The electricity price in Thailand is pretty high. Omron can make the amount of energy consumed at the factory instantly visible to all the staff, which I believe can help reduce my factory's energy costs." Separately, an engineer who works in the automotive components industry commented on our vibration suppression technology, "We are facing a problem that we cannot transport goods without inducing unnecessary vibration. I think Omron's technology can help us solve this problem and increase our productivity."Another visitor commented, "I can tell that Omron really aims at achieving growth together with our Thai society." For the past two decades, Thailand has and will remain as the key focus of Omron, as we continue to deliver solutions in areas of security, safety, health management and environment by identifying the needs of society and designing products to solve them quickly.

Omron core technology creates harmony between humans and machines

Visitors were encouraged to engage in a rally with the robot to experience how Omron's sensing and control technology reads and predicts their movements to create harmony between humans and machines.

Sensing and control technology takes various pieces of data and transforms them into valuable information. Omron's Sensing & Control + Think Technology goes one step further by enabling machines to understand people's movements and intentions, thereby creating harmony between humans and machines. ME 2015 visitors were encouraged to experience this amazing technology themselves with our very own award winning Ping-Pong robot.

Omron helps to propel creativity into the future, to realize a more competitive manufacturing industry.

- Special Feature Application (Solution for Clean Room Optimization, Chemical-resistant / Spatter-resistant Proximity Sensor, etc.)
- Labor Force, Production and Machinery Solutions
- High Speed and High Accuracy Motion Control
- Quality Management Solutions that Support High-quality Manufacturing
- Manufacturing Energy Consumption Visualization Solution
- Others

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Omron helps to develop and enhance safe and secure social infrastructure.

- Power Conditioners for Solar Power Generation
- Weigh-In-Motion System and Intelligent Intersection Sensor that Measure the Traffic Volume
- Auto Emergent Detection Sensor that Detects Abnormal Traffic Conditions
- Traffic Control System that Reduces Traffic Congestion
- Others

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Omron helps to provide people with comfortable, convenient, and healthy lifestyles.

- Consumer Electronic Components that Contribute to Eco and Comfortable life
- Human Vision Components that Estimate Gender, Age, etc.
- LIDAR Sensor to Detect a Preceding Vehicle
- Environment-Friendly Electrical Power Assisted Steering ECU
- High-Accuracy Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
- Others

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Technical Seminar

To provide concrete solutions to Thai companies and help make Thailand a more prosperous society, technical seminars, held in conjunction with the event, saw speakers from both Japan and Thailand give talks about "Saving Energy Monozukuri in Automotive industry", "Application of LCIA (Low Cost Intelligent Automation)", "Traceability System with RFID and Bar Code System" as well as "Global Standards on Machine Safety". The sessions were well received, with most of the sessions fully booked. Participants were very active and eager to know more about what Omron can offer.