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Once, twice, three times a winner!

News   •   Jul 01, 2016 12:52 GMT

Once, twice, three times a winner!

Scoring our massive €10,000 daily Guaranteed Win once is pretty lucky, twice is super lucky! But scoring it three times?! You’d have to be about as lucky as a four-leaf clover in a horse shoe factory! You won’t believe your eyes when you read about this amazing triple win…

The incredible winner in question is none other than Eiichi from Shizouka- and we’re pretty sure he must have a lucky penny the size of a hubcap to have managed amazing wins like these! Three times in the same week, Eiichi managed to win over €10,000 in cash on a single spin- making him the top daily cash winner on all three of those days.

And did we happen to mention… he managed it all on the same game!

“I felt on top of the world!” proclaimed the happy winner when Team V&J called to check in.

He’d been playing on Twin Spin, which he says is the secret to his success:

“You can get rich quick and it’s super exciting when the Twin Reel feature takes over all the reels!”

Aside from his personal favourite game, his trick to high wins is apparently changing his wagers to bet higher after winning. Careful, Eiichi, don’t give out too many of your winning secrets!

We wouldn’t mind if this lucky winner came over to spend a little time at the Vera&John office so some of his good luck would rub off on us. Instead he’s planning to spend his wins on the next best thing: more time playing all his favourite games on V&J. Can’t argue with that!

You might not be far away from your own big win (or two… or three!) so don’t miss the chance to be Vera&John online casino’s next daily Guaranteed Winner!