People shake Europe, India, the world

News   •   May 27, 2014 04:42 UTC

In India and Europe, voting has reflected huge shifts from support from traditional parties and ideological leanings and voting, towards change and, in the latter, to the extremes of the political spectrum, both left and right. Variously, disillusionment with economic performance and the impact crises, as well as immigration fears and anger over corruption contributed to the shifts. In short, it can be seen popular reaction to the policies and behavior of those at the top.
Similarly yet more dramatically, the Ukraine hosted a hastily-arranged presidential election, marking the latest chapter in a crisis that erupted late last year. This was sparker, ostensibly, by developments in the country’s relations with the EU and Russia. Egypt meanwhile votes for a new president following the tumultuous ouster of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood following mass protests and deadly violence that felled the government.