PLA recruited hackers through Chinese universities in 2004

News   •   Feb 20, 2013 13:07 GMT

In 2004, China’s People’s Liberation Army offered scholarships to new hackers who would come and work at the now infamous Unit 61398 in Shanghai, after graduation.

China’s army - the People’s Liberation Army - was already looking for new young computer hackers in 2004, a publicly available job advert show.

The job advert, which is still posted on Zhejiang University School of Computer Science and Technology’s website, shows that the Chinese military’s Unit 61398 is the employer.

In a report, US security company, Mandiant recently identified the 12- story building that hosts the PLA’s ‘Unit 61398’ as the location from which the PLA’s most active cyber espionage unit belongs. Something the Chinese government has staunchly denied. According to Mandiant the address is: Datong Road 208, Pudong, Shanghai.

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