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Rheinauer Druckvorlagen cuts 40-60 % on plate handling time

News   •   Jan 25, 2018 10:00 GMT

In April Rheinauer Druckvorlagen chose to replace their old flexo plate processor. They were looking for a new faster machine as their customers always need their plates by the next morning. They contacted Glunz & Jensen to purchase a more modern flexo plate processing system.

Werner Frank, Owner of Rheinauer Druckvorlagen:
“The Glunz & Jensen 505 DW-XP flexo plate processor is perfect for our production site. It works perfectly with our new Esko PreMount system. The register is perfect and it delivers very clean plates at a very high speed. It takes only one hour to dry our plates, so this also means that we save money on our electrical bills, as we can shorten our drying times.”

Rheinauer utilizes a customer-oriented quality management system whereby during the entire work process, from the data entry check up to the finished cliché, a continuous check takes place. Our comprehensive quality control system guarantees an excellent end product, and the Glunz & Jensen 505 DW-XP is now an integral part of our improved cliché quality and productivity.

“Processing our Kodak NX plates in the Glunz & Jensen 505 DW-XP allows us to achieve optimal plate image quality. Our customers achieve excellent print quality and transfer of the ink, richly closed solid surfaces and allows for finest gradients”, says Werner Frank.

“Generally the 505 DW-XP is a really big improvement for us. We now save up to 60 % in plate handling time.“

About Rheinauer DruckvorlagenAt the foot of the Black Forest and near Strasbourg, the company Rheinauer was founded in March 1990 as a family business of Heidemarie and Werner Frank. The company is specialized in reproduction and cliché production for the flexo printing market. Today the company has 25 employees.

In the photo: Werner Frank, Owner and Simone Ross, Platemaking Resposible