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Right Kind of Communication for Humans in Hospitality

News   •   Mar 08, 2018 09:01 UTC

Its not so often we get a softer underbelly of humanity exposed and a warmer heart of well-formulated words uttered in our daily business.

With Haaga-Helia Estonia it became possible, as one of our next short courses to be delivered in March is dedicated to the topic of "Marketing Communication in Estonian Hospitality" and the marketer & communicator in question is Peep Ehasalu.

Peep is mostly known well and widely in the Estonian hospitality due to being in charge of PR and communications at Sokos Hotels (Viru and Estoria) in Tallinn 2009-2017, but not so many people in the industry know, that he also is a writer (at least 5 different publications we are aware of - including the bestseller "Over 100 Exciting Reasons to Visit Estonia!" and that he recently became the Communications Manager at the Estonian Human Rights Center.