Seven front runners become one market leader

News   •   Aug 31, 2015 06:31 GMT

We are pleased to announce that PSI Group strengthens its activities and operations in the group and changes the name to StrongPoint.

The seven companies that will join forces are: PSI Systems AS, PSI Antonson AB, New Vision Baltija UAB, SQS Security Qube System AB, Antonson Etikett AB, CashGuard AB and Vensafe AS.

With this consolidation, StrongPoint will be able to offer additional solutions and services to further enhance its customers’ business. StrongPoint will also be well equipped to continue its international expansion and attract more new customers.

“Creating StrongPoint is the right way for us to better serve our customers with a more comprehensive product portfolio together with support and consultative services,” said Jørgen Waaler, StrongPoint CEO.

With the approval of the name change by the Extraordinary General Assembly on Aug. 27, the process now begins. All companies will change names to StrongPoint and activities and market offerings will be consolidated.

As a customer or other stakeholder of any of the companies now incorporated in StrongPoint, you will continue to enjoy the same high-quality service and personal attention as you always have experienced. StrongPoint will also be able to offer you additional solutions and services that will further enhance your business.

“StrongPoint now has about 570 employees all working together,” Waaler said. “That means a whole new ways of collaboration and new opportunities for innovation that will bring great benefits for our customers.”

StrongPoint’s offerings will be organised in three solution areas: Retail, Labels and Cash Security.

StrongPoint has the ticker symbol STRONG on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It continues to be headquartered in Rælingen, outside Oslo, in Norway.

Please contact your StrongPoint representative for more information on what this change means for you.

Please see for more on the StrongPoint possibilities.