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Smart shortcuts – tips for staples to have on hand!

News   •   Sep 09, 2014 11:25 GMT

Smart shortcuts – tips for staples to have on hand

To save time and avoid grocery shopping every day, it’s a good idea to try to have some of the items below on hand at home:


Pasta – a quick-cooking variety!

Bulgur wheat








Infant cereal


Salmon – Buy fresh salmon and freeze it in small portions – they will thaw in no time.

Ground lamb (freeze in small portions – they will thaw in no time)

Ground veal (freeze in small portions – they will thaw in no time)

Oil such as olive, canola/rapeseed or sunflower oil


Fruit, e.g. kiwi, mango, passion fruit, apple, pear, banana, sharon fruit

Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables, like fresh ones, are useful to have on hand. Frozen vegetables are practical and quickly prepared if you always have them in your freezer. Many people think that frozen vegetables are inferior to fresh ones, but this is not the case. The nutrients are preserved very successfully in the freezing process. Naturally, frozen vegetables are also great for older children and adults too.

I’d like you to regard this as a basic list to which you can add or remove items as you wish.

One tip when it comes to root vegetables such as parsnips and rutabaga/swedes is that, on each occasion when you’re preparing them, you should only cut off and peel a small piece. It’s unnecessary to peel a whole rutabaga/swede all at once. If you keep it in the refrigerator unpeeled, it will stay fresh longer.

For all of the recipes in the app, and the list above, I recommend choosing organic products and ingredients if you can find them. If they’re not available you may be able to order them. The more you ask for organic alternatives, the greater the chance the stores will offer them. A lot has happened in just a decade – these days there are often many organic alternatives in grocery stores.