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Summary from the OTT DAY in Warsaw

News   •   Mar 14, 2012 14:45 UTC

The first OTT Day event attracted a wide range of influential attendees, C-level executives, directors from suppliers and operators - industry leaders at the forefront of the OTT ecosystem and digital media revolution.

The OTT Day was solely dedicated to providing delegates with in-depth perspectives and critical analysis needed to answer the many questions the OTT TV and video market has to offer. The event was a great venue for delegates and partners to connecting with peer industry leaders to discuss all the major elements involved in the disruptive OTT Ecosystem. The event provided opportunities to inspire, benchmark, share best practices, lessons learned and see what it takes to succeed with an OTT service.

The event featured keynote presentations from the OTT DAY in Warsaw event partners, included: Google Widevine, Xstream AS, Bitlife, NDS, Jet-Stream and Microsoft PlayReady. Where topics such as Trends in the OTT market, From IPTV to OTT; key technical challenges, Next Generation TV, Truly multi-device and more was covered. See the agenda from the event here www.ottday.com

The OTT Day events is organized and hosted by Xstream in corporation with relevant partners. The first event was held in Warsaw, Poland, and the second event will be coming up shortly in Hamburg, Germany. Future OTT Day events will also be addressing the strategic opportunities in the OTT ecosystem, where you can hear from directors of projects, suppliers and testimonials about the mounting success of OTT platforms and strategies to penetrate pay TV markets.

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