Syria: Talkin' 'bout a revolution

News   •   Jan 24, 2014 07:25 UTC

Having met in Montreux on Wednesday, they will move to Geneva by Friday for a negotiation which has no deadline and will keep going until the goal is reached - or until failure is too evident to be denied.

The talks will include the Syrian government, the opposition represented by the Syrian National Coalition in exile, Russia – notoriously a Damascus ally – and then the anti-Assad Friends of Syria group (including the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey).

The parts will take their time but time do they have? There is a great distance between will and reality on the ground in Syria but also in the wider Middle East region. It is apparent that a massive redefinition of power and influence projections is underway, and finding a solution to the Syrian quagmire amid a shifting context is like building a house with sand during an earthquake.

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