The 2017 Masao Horiba Awards start accepting invitations! This year’s theme is "Water measurement enriches people’s lives.”

News   •   Feb 28, 2017 01:46 UTC

The 2017 Masao Horiba Awards have started to accept applications on March 1st, HORIBA has announced. For the 14th iteration of the awards, the theme will be “Water measurement enriches people’s lives.” Under a changing theme every year, the awards entice large numbers of researchers to submit applications, from which 3 will be eventually selected as winners. Targeting researchers who are excelling in the fields of measurement and analysis, the awards are hoping to actively contribute to the future of technology in the field. As ever, we are expecting and looking forward to applicants who truly bring to life our company motto, “Joy & Fun”, whilst conducting their research.

Target Technical Field: "Water measurement enriching people's lives"

We are looking for water measurement technology and analytical technology enriching people's living standard from the following viewpoint.

  1. Techniques related to in-situ measurement and analysis (e.g. the techniques that can realize real-time measurement by installing or mounting in target areas.)
  2. Technology combining water measurement and information processing technology (ICT, IoT, AI. etc.)
  3. Technologies that contributes to the advancement of automatic measurement (maintenance free, non-sampling technology, etc.)

The water in the target applications includes not only environmental water (lake water, river water, seawater, groundwater) and industrial water (water supply system, sewer system, water treatment such as desalination), but also various kinds of liquids (drinking water, nutrient solution, culture solution, washing solution etc). However, techniques related to measurement of body fluids and clinical tests are excluded.

About Water measurement enriching people's lives

A precise understanding of various phenomena in water treatment can lead to breakthrough improvements in the quality of life worldwide. We are directly or indirectly involved with water in every aspect of our lives; drinking water, agricultural crops, livestock, and pharmaceuticals. Water is also crucial to the environment that surrounds us; starting with oceans, lakes, and rivers, but also including groundwater, the saturation of water tables and the eco-systems that depend upon them. As the demand for water increases each year due to industrial development and growing populations, the supply of clean drinking water decreases due to negative environmental factors. There is an inherent obligation to take appropriate measures so as to not adversely affect the water we use. By creating a balance between what we demand from the earth and what the earth can provide, we are helping ourselves.

About Masao Horiba Awards

In 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of HORIBA Ltd., its founder, the late Dr. Masao Horiba, established an award for scientists and technical experts involved in the research of measurement technology outside the group companies. This award is intended to support scientists and experts who are devoting themselves to research and development that will generate innovative technology in analysis and measurement. It also aims to strengthen the position of measurement technologies within the scientific and industrial world. The field for the award is decided each year with a focus on the principles and fundamental technologies fostered by HORIBA, and the award highlights unique research and development with the findings and potential that deserves a global recognition.

About Masao Horiba

Born in 1924, Dr. Masao Horiba established the Horiba Radio Laboratory when he was still an undergraduate student majoring in physics at the Kyoto Imperial University (today’s Kyoto University). During that time, he successfully developed Japan’s first glass electrode type pH meter and was called a pioneer of student ventures. This led to the establishment of HORIBA in 1953 and in 1954 he began the development of infrared gas analyzers. Applying this technology to the analysis of automobile exhaust gases, the scale and scope of the company rapidly expanded. In 1961 he earned a doctoral degree in medicine and served as chairman of HORIBA, Ltd. from 1978 to 2005, guiding its expansion into new areas of instrumentation and technology. He was actively involved in supporting startup businesses in Kyoto and he promoted further cooperation between industry and universities. In 2006, he was awarded the "PITTCON Heritage Award”, also becoming the first non-American to be enshrined in the Pittcon Hall of Fame.

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