The many faces of Maestro John Axelrod

News   •   Dec 27, 2013 05:22 GMT

Being one of the most distinguished classical music conductors of our time, Axelrod has tested himself in many considerably versatile roles. From a Harvard University student, crazy about rock, jazz and blues, along with classical music; to a rock'n'roll talent scout, who has helped to discover the Smashing Pumpkins and to launch the careers of Tori Amos and Marc Cohn; to a wine connoisseur, running a winery and preparing wine educational seminars – Axelrod's journey has been long and turbulent, but after all, highly rewarding.

Following his passion for fine wines, Axelrod compares a conductor to a sommelier who is supposed to know all about the wine, which is the score; to complement the meal the chef prepares which is the musicians; and to educate and engage the diner, which is the public.

gbtimes recenly had a pleasure to talk to John Axelrod, the unique “sommelier” and the principal conductor of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano “Giuseppe Verdi”, to find out more about his successful career and curious life.

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