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The regional business site, features Crunchfish and interviews CEO Joakim Nydemark

News   •   Feb 10, 2014 11:44 UTC, the regional business site in Skåne (Scania province of Sweden) features Crunchfish in a recent article on their website. The south Swedish entrepreneurial organisation and site owned by Region SkåneBusiness Region Skåne and Kommunförbundet, interview CEO Joakim Nydemark about Crunchfish's future plans and goals. 
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Crunchfish aiming to become a world leader in touchless

With its unique technology to control mobile phones with mid-air gestures, South Swedish (skånska) Crunchfish is named as one of the most innovative companies in Europe.

 - To control the functions of mobile phones, tablets and other consumer electronics with gestures have in the past year started to take off and we feel that 2014 will become a "touchless" year, promises Crunchfish's CEO Joakim Nydemark.

Crunchfish has developed software that makes it possible to control, among others, devices such as mobile phones with hand movements and gestures instead of touching the phone. Customers are primarily smartphone and mobile device manufacturers and application providers.

Crunchfish has received the prestigious denomination as "one of the most innovative technology companies in Europe," according to the technology watching media company Red Herring and the news service company, Rapidus, has described the company as one of the most interesting technology companies at the moment.

During 2013 there was an investment valued twenty million Swedish crowns (Kr), made in the company, which among other things has led to the current workforce of twenty people. In August the first customer was cleared, the Chinese mobile manufacturer Gionee, that will use the Crunchfish' technology in its new smartphone Elife E6 and is, among others, sold in countries like China, India, Africa and South America.

Crunchfish was also in 2013, one of twenty companies that represented Sweden at the Swedish Institute's international venture "Innovative Sweden " at exhibitions in Tokyo and Seoul.

At the same time the company moved its offices to Media Evolution City, the old Kockums premises in Malmö where the media industry is now housed. The building is closely linked to the innovation arena Media Evolution that works to strengthen innovation and growth in the southern Swedish media industry. CEO Joakim Nydemark explains:

- The move to Media Evolution City was a tremendous boost for us and we thrive outstandingly well. The facilities are great but most importantly the atmosphere of the building contributes to a very creative and inspiring environment. We have started partnerships with several companies in the building and see that there are both potential customers and partners to come.

Joakim also sees the regional availability of engineering and design competence incredibly important for Crunchfish.

- Also the closeness of the Faculty of Engineering, LTH and Malmö University means a lot, since we constantly need to push the boundaries to find new solutions and innovations.

What are your future plans and goals?

- To become a world leader in touchless interaction in mobile phones and tablets. 

Facts about Crunchfish:

Crunchfish provides software to control mobile phones and other consumer electronics using hand gestures, known as a "touchless". The company was founded in 2010 and has offices in Media Evolution City, Malmö. The main shareholders are Västra Hamnen fondkommission AB and entrepreneur and chairman Joachim Samuelsson.


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