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The Worlds Most Underrated CEOs According to Social Media Buzz

News   •   Jul 05, 2013 07:53 GMT

It is no secret social media helps spread news fast. In recent years, young tech CEOs have become famous and infamous on the back of online stories about them. Online communities share news of high-profile IPOs and buy-outs ad nauseam, but who are the ones we are not hearing about that deserve more attention?

We at M-Brain used our handy monitoring and analysis tool M-Adaptive and consulted industry experts to find out who the least talked-about, best-performing CEOs are. We have dubbed them ’The world’s most underrated CEOs’ and they are not leading little- known companies somewhere on an uncharted island. On the contrary, many of them are the heads of big corporations, leaders in their respective industries.

But what is stopping us (and the media) from paying attention?

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