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Tony won €8,000 thanks to the Guaranteed Winnings at Vera&John

News   •   Aug 16, 2013 12:16 GMT

Tony won €8,000 thanks to the Guaranteed Winnings at Vera&John

Tony was three times lucky while playing at Vera&John. Not only did he win big, but he also had the second highest win of the day allowing him to win the daily Guaranteed Winnings amount of €8,000. What an amazing day.

When Tony logged on to Vera&John Casino he was only vaguely aware of the Guaranteed Winnings promotion and what it could mean to him, but this changed almost instantly. Tony started off by playing his favourite slot, Starburst, which he knew would grant him a few good wins. He wagered rather defensively at first but as time went by he began to feel a big win coming and changed his strategy. As he raised his stakes, wagering now €15 a spin, it didn’t take long until he hit the big win he was hoping for. In one spin he won €3,950.

Vera&John topped it up

Tony had his hopes on winning big but didn’t really expect the amount that flashed before his eyes. He decided to call it quits for the day, but his luck didn’t stop just because he did. By the end of the day it was clear that his win was the second highest win of the day. He grew suspicious when he received a call from Vera&John with some news to share.

-  I didn’t understand why they called me, he says. And when I heard why they were calling I didn’t believe them at first. They really had to convince me that they were telling the truth.

Despite the fact that Tony’s win was the second highest of the day he won the €8,000 guaranteed cash.

-  Apparently the person with the highest win that day had already been topped up twice this month, and since I was “next in line” I got the cash instead, Tony says. A fantastic system, I’m glad to know that one person can’t win all the time.

Vera&John doubled the amount originally won by Tony- adding €4,050 to his account.

Vera&John will continue this wild Guaranteed Winnings promotion all summer, but with a very special twist! Everyone still has the chance to win a guaranteed €5,000, but now the chance of getting topped up with even more money is greater.

If a player hits a big win of over €5,000 and doesn’t get a cash top up, we’ll continue to increase the guarantee by €1,000 every day until someone receives a cash handout from Vera&John.  Once the guarantee is triggered the pot will restart at €5,000. Don’t forget about the massive €50,000 to be paid out by the end of each month during the promotion! Read all the details on our news page.

Keep an eye on the winners list at Vera&John and stay tuned for the big announcement!