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News  •  Sep 23, 2011 07:46 GMT

Hallvard Lerøy AS is actively engaged in the issue of food safety and invests significant resources in providing full traceability for all its products. For salmon and trout products, customers can visit the Lerøy website to download traceability information for the products they have purchased.

The current traceability system follows a salmon from roe stage to finished, packaged product. When a customer logs on to the website, they will gain access to detailed information on the product they have purchased. This includes where the roe was hatched, who produced the smolt, how large the smolt were when released to sea, how it was handled, which feed was used, the licence number, the name of the fjord where the salmon was farmed, where it was slaughtered and so on. This is possible as the salmon are slaughtered in batches, i.e. the smolt come from the same hatchery, are fed and grow up in the same cages until slaughter. All data regarding the fish is entered in the Group’s database and can then be traced when required using the new traceability system.

Experience from the meat industry in Europe and other parts of the world have given rise to an increased focus on food safety. Both authorities and consumers place stringent demands on food safety requirements. Consumers want to feel secure that the food they eat is safe.

For many years now, Hallvard Lerøy AS has followed a specific strategy for quality assurance and has developed a control system based on HACCP, BRC and ISO 9001. An important criterion for success in this area is full involvement from both management and the entire organisation. Any non-conformances must be documented, followed up and measured. If required, procedures must be amended to ensure that the products delivered to customers satisfy all customer requirements.

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