US Presidential Debate: Obama and Romney discuss China

News   •   Oct 24, 2012 06:44 GMT

China was the focal point of the third and final presidential debate on Monday night in Florida, where trade and China's influence on the US economy were discussed.

With just over two weeks left of the 2012 presidential elections, the two main contenders met for the third and final debate. The debate took place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and focused on foreign policy.

China has been a central topic in the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who have both been talking tough about China. On Monday night the two presidential candidates once again held up the iron fist.

Mitt Romney, who has continually stated that he will brand China a "currency manipulator" on day one of his presidency, repeated his accusations:

“We'll also make sure that we have trade relations with China that work for us. I've watched year in and year out as companies have shut down and people have lost their jobs because China has not played by the same rules, in part by holding down artificially the value of their currency,” said Romney, who has repeatedly refused the notion that he is risking starting a trade war with China by calling it a currency manipulator.

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