Viagame House Cup Groups Released

News   •   Sep 29, 2014 17:00 GMT

STOCKHOLM September 29, 2014. Viagame announced the results of the draw for the Viagame House Cup, where four equally strong groups were defined.  

Four groups were formed after the draw for the Viagame House Cup this morning. The invited players were equally spread into four groups in a blind lottery, followed by the same process for the qualified players. As the result, four very strong groups were formed with the even chance for each player to become the first winner of Viagame House Cup. 


  1. Amaz
  2. Forsen
  3. Logan
  4. Jinshen


  1. TidesofTime
  2. ek0p
  3. Vodkita
  4. Pappastoma


  1. Kolento
  2. Reynad
  3. Mlasic
  4. Faramir


  1. RDU
  2. Gnimsh
  3. Alesh
  4. Seloko

Qualified players and invited pro's from all over the world will gather in the House in Stockholm to fight for the first Viagame House Cup Champion title. Viewers will have a chance to follow two simultaneous matches at the same time LIVE exclusively on 10 – 12 of October.