Viagame invites Trolden to Viagame House Cup

News   •   Sep 23, 2014 14:50 GMT

Viagame invites Andrey “HearthTrolden” Nolden to the Viagame House Cup in Stockholm. In connection with the House Cup, Trolden will contribute with his own highlight videos, interviews and other material for the Hearthstone community to enjoy.

We are happy to welcome Andrey “HearthTrolden” Nolden, more known as Trolden, to our Viagame House Cup. He will not participate in the actual tournament, but will instead be making his own highlight videos, interviews and other entertaining material for all the Hearthstone enthusiasts in the community.

You probably know Trolden from his YouTube channel, where he uploads his well known “Funny and Lucky Moments” videos, with Viagame as a sponsor.

“Even though I am not participating, I am really happy to be a part of such an amazing tournament with so many great players” - Trolden.

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