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Video Discovery focused on diverse Audience Engagement

News   •   Sep 01, 2014 14:00 GMT

Recognizing an opportunity for innovation in the field of audience engagement, three accomplished technology experts launched FEM inc., a company providing video discovery solutions that engage diverse audiences and deliver superior viewer satisfaction. The technology is driven by powerful algorithms combined with big data and content analysis to contextualize video recommendations based on what the user is doing in that moment.

The inspiration for the company came from conversations CEO Rachel Payne had with colleagues about how the individually-targeted content suggestions on web pages were often completely off-the-mark, and sometimes downright sexist. So Payne co-founded a different kind of video discovery platform, along with two women – neuroeconomics expert Dr. Meghana Bhatt and former Google Search engineer Natasha Mohanty. The predictive platform is designed to deliver users of both sexes video content, before they even know they want it.

In an interview with StreamDaily Rachel says, “You could be looking at an article about a recipe because you want to figure out how to make roasted chicken, but your motivation might actually be ‘I want healthy nutritious meals for my family,’” explains Payne, who spent 8 years at Google, where she was on the founding team for Google.org. “We’ve taken the fundamental principles that my co-founder Meghana learned in being a neuroscientist and a behavioral economist, and we translated them to a set of algorithms that anticipate what a user needs and what their motivations are, and we provide them with compelling content to serve that need.”

FEM inc’s video discovery platform is designed to power video recommendations across a number of verticals, including business, health and well-being, fashion, NGO/non-profit, conferences/learning, leadership, as well as sports and entertainment. Its initial customers include Google, ITVS, Lifescript and HitFix.

Speaking at Nordic Media Summit 2014
The founder and CEO of the company, Rachel Payne, will be speaking at the 2014 Nordic Media Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 25th. Rachel will share her experience, thoughts and predictions for online video and demonstrate how right recommendations can help you win the heart of the consumers.

The FEM inc Team
Before co-founding FEM inc., Rachel Payne was Principal, Google Global Strategic Alliances; on the Regional Leadership team for Google Africa in International Business Operations & Emerging Markets; and on the founding team of Google.org.
Dr. Meghana Bhatt comes from the cutting-edge field of Neuroeconomics, the integration of human decision-making with behavior-based models in biology and pshychology. She consults with the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory of Virginia Tech. Natasha Mohanty joined FEM Inc. from Google where she led engineering teams on Google Search, and content recommendations and personalization at Google News and Google+.

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FEM inc. is a media technology company that offers the best video discovery platform easily embeddable into any website, content network or app that seeks to engage audiences through video. Combining new monetization for content creators and deeper audience engagement for brands, the company's technology brings together the target audience and the content they love in an engaging video environment that advertisers can trust. FEM inc. video content recommendations provide relevant, contextualized video experiences that drive deeper viewer engagement and increased monetization on any device. The platform seamlessly integrates into the user experience. Implementation is fast, via a few lines of code, a plug-in or API. The technology integrates with any video player or platform.

Companies use the FEM inc. video discovery platform to drive video views, overall viewer engagement, time on site and new monetization opportunities

For more information, please visit www.fem-inc.com.