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​Water is vital

News   •   Dec 16, 2015 09:46 GMT

Instead of Christmas gifts will Merit donate 10 water pumps to villages that really need it. During 2015 has Merit’s CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility) work helped in total 20 villages and its inhabitants to bring clean water.

Clean water is vital for us, yet about 663 million people lack access to clean water and 800 children under 5 years old die every day due to contaminated water. UNICEF is fighting all over the world to change the situation. They work on expansion of water and sewage systems, drilling wells, installing pumps, building toilets and develop new inexpensive methods to solve water problems.

In order to give more people in the world the opportunity to clean water, Merit has created a process that is bundled together with our projects. When we begin a project a SodaStream is placed with an accompanying water glass in the physical project environment. A first step to draw attention to the importance of water when it comes to our health. When the project is completed, a diploma is awarded by UNICEF certifying that Merit has donated a water pump to the people who really need it. UNICEF ensures that the water pump is placed; train local repairers and village councils who is responsible for the maintenance of pumps, wells and other equipment.

A water pump can supply clean water to an entire village or a refugee camp. But it also fulfills other important functions. More girls to go to school, when it is often the girls' task to collect water, which means that they do not have time to get to school.

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