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WATSON Nordic – a telco and video rental joint venture

News   •   Sep 22, 2014 16:54 GMT

When a major telco and a video rental company join forces- the expectations are high.

In Finland, the result was Watson Nordic, a joint venture between telecommunications company Anvia and video rental company Makuuni, produces and develops broadband delivered TV and entertainment services. It is a multiscreen service, launched in 2013 and available for television sets, tablets, smart phones and computers, allows subscribers to watch TV, rent movies and subscribe to pay-TV channels.

At Nordic Media Summit September 25th in Copenhagen, Mr. Thomas Guss will be sharing the experience of their joint venture, Watson Nordic, and share thoughts and ideas for future growth and positioning. 

Thomas Guss joined Anvia Plc, the fourth largest operator in Finland, in 2006. At Anvia he has worked with various development projects, including customer loyalty programs and websites for easier buying for customers. He has played an active role in the Watson project and later on in the project starting up the subsidiary company Watson Nordic Ltd. Mr. Guss works for both Anvia Plc and Watson Nordic Ltd as Business Development Manager.  Earlier Mr. Guss worked for TeliaSonera with customer interaction development.  Mr. Guss has a Master of Sciences (econ.) degree from Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa, Finland.

About Anvia Group
Anvia is an expanding group that provides solutions and services in the ICT sector. The group consists of four business areas: Telecom, Security, Information Technology and TV. Anvia Group possesses a wide knowledge of information and communication technology and provides consumers and businesses with modern high-quality communication, IT and security solutions. In 2012, Anvia Group had a turnover of approximately 115 million, an operating profit of 7,8 million. Today Anvia Group has a staff of approximately 700 people. Anvia Group has its roots in the regional telecommunications business and is presently active in Finland and with international customers. Anvia TV’s business area is specialized in STB-boxes, network solutions, IPTV-platform, services and systems for digitally relaying video-, audio- and data signals. For more information, please visit http://www.anvia.fi.

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