World's media fear China-Japan war, but peace remains probable

News   •   Feb 08, 2013 10:51 GMT

News organizations and media outlets across the world are seeing a Sino-Japanese conflict as increasingly likely as, despite rumors of a summit to calm matters, invective, provocations and accusations continue to fly between Beijing and Tokyo. But these fears may be misplaced.

The spat over the disputed Diaoyu Islands was reignited last summer, seeing citizens from all claimants visit the islands in protest. Matters escalated when Japan 'bought' three of the islands from 'private owners', leading to naval ships frequenting the area and the scrambling military planes by both Japan and China.

Events earlier this week saw China apparently 'lock on' radar to a Japanese destroyer, while China (and South Korea) focussed on the fact that Tokyo was setting up a public affairs office to deal with disputed islands. Japan's Prime Minister described Beijing's actions as dangerously provocative.

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