Xi to lead China to political and economic reform?

News   •   Oct 23, 2012 12:36 GMT

The New York Times yesterday wrote that 59-year-old Xi had met in private with a well-known supporter of political liberalization, Hu Deping, with much weight given to the discussions held in July.

Xi and Hu, the son of former "liberal" leader Hu Yaobang, are said to have discussed how to keep the party from becoming mired in corruption and losing the trust of ordinary Chinese. People briefed on the meeting said Xi Jinping had declared his support for steady reform.

"Much of the talk now over China’s future path centers on whether Mr Xi...can muster the confidence, ideological grounding and power base to push through what reformers see as the policies needed both to keep China vigorous and help overcome its growing inequities," the article said.

Calls for change have been growing, with incumbent leader Hu Jintao citing corruption as one of the major challenges facing the CPC, with the Bo Xilai scandal rocking China's political system.

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