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Nucleic Acid extraction with chemagic STAR; automation with highest quality and throughput

Persbericht   •   jul 16, 2013 14:30 CEST

Automating nucleic acid purification often requires researchers to focus on quality or throughput: Good stand-alone purification systems lack liquid handling support for walk-away operation, and liquid handling workstations often require tedious adaptation of manual protocols.

The new chemagic STAR combines chemagen’s leading NA purification system with the best automated liquid handling technology to offer you stress-free operation in one benchtop system.


Flexible Workstation

The chemagic STAR can process samples from 20 μl up to 10 ml. The system is available with three separation heads - a low volume head, the chemagic 96 Rod Head for extractions up to 350 μl per sample, the chemagic 24 Rod Head for 200 μl - 4 ml samples and for high volume, the chemagic 12 Rod Head for extractions in the sample volume range from 1 to 10 ml. The heads are easily user exchangeable, so the system can be frequently adapted to different sample volumes.


Sample Tracking

The chemagic STAR’s autoload feature with integrated barcode reader enables sample tracking throughout the complete extraction process. In addition the lot information of the actual kit used is stored together with each processed sample, offering complete chain of traceability.


Wide Application Range based on chemagic STAR Kits

Chemagen offers kits for high quality sample preparation based on proprietary Magnetic Bead Technology. These nucleic acids are ready to use in the fields of:

•  HLA Typing

•  Human Genetics

•  Pathogen Diagnostics

•  Virus Screening


Brochure below as PDF

About Hamilton Robotics

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