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PCR setup Workstation

Persbericht   •   jul 24, 2013 14:49 CEST

Discover the possibilities

The Hamilton PCR setup STARlet is suitable for a wide range of applications such as gene expression, genotyping, sequencing or food testing.
It has been developed for 96/384 PCR plates but different labware types such as strips or even Rotor-Gene discs can be used.
The outstanding deck capacity of 25 SBS plates compared to the small system footprint is unique in this category; and with its different available configurations from 4 to 8 independent 1ml channels the PCR setup STARlet serves a broad range of different needs and throughputs, from simple setups and small budgets to highly demanding workflows.

Highly flexible

  • PCR setup software: enables the flexible combination of PCR components, from simple two step- (e.g. template + MasterMix) to complex setups with up to 7 pipetting steps
  • The normalization add-on allows normalizing varying sample input concentrations to desired target concentration
  • Multiplexing feature: up to 4 primer mixes can be pipetted per reaction well
  • MasterMix preparation feature: the multiplexing function can be used for simple MasterMix preparation in reaction with up to 6 components
  • Input reagents/labware: different PCR kits and labware can be used, there is no supplier limitation
  • LIMS compatibility: the assay setup information is generated with a GUI but it can also be imported from a LIMS system

Easy to use

  • Visualized setup: a Graphical User Interface (GUI) easily guides through the assay setup
  • A quick PCR setup feature allows speedy assay setup, higher throughput and decreased processing times
  • An advanced PCR setup feature simplifies complex setups with up to 7 PCR components, including multiplexing function and free plate design
  • Reusable protocols: setups can be saved and reused again. Partial reuse is possible e.g. replacing samples while leaving remaining setup and plate design unchanged.

Resource saving

  • Low volume PCR assay setup through accurate pipetting of small volumes
  • Reagent saving pipetting: with low dead volumes expensive reagents can be saved
  • Time saving: hands-on and process times are decreased significantly due to high deck capacity and optimized pipetting settings


  • Accurate reaction setup and minimized cross contamination with Hamilton Air Displacement pipetting technology
  • High traceability: optional tracking of all input components by barcode scanning; tracing complete setup information throughout the process
  • Verified configurations: tested default configurations are included in delivery

About Hamilton Robotics

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