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Advantech Releases Two Powerful Expansion PICMG 1.3 Backplanes with Matrox® Validation

Press release   •   Aug 19, 2013 13:12 CEST

Advantech announces the release of PCE-5B12-00 and PCE-7B17-00. These backplanes feature great expansion capability, plentiful ATX/EPS power inputs, and are fully compatible with Matrox’s Mura™ MPX series, which makes them perfect for applications requiring strong graphics capability and high computing power. Examples include industrial applications such as control rooms, surveillance, machine vision inspection, and DSP carrier platforms.

Multiple and Powerful Expansion Options PCE-5B12-00 provides ten x16 PCIe 2.0 card slots with PCIe x16 link and one x16 PCIe 2.0 card slot with x4 link; these enable the system integrator to design multiple, powerful video/graphics or DSP full-size controller cards in a single system. To overcome the lack of space for powerful DSP and graphics controller cards, PCE-5B12-00 has optimized PCIe slot placement, and supports up to 7 dual-width, full-size PCIe x16 cards in a single system.

PCE-7B17-00, with five PCIe x8 and eleven PCIe x4 slots, provides yet another multiple-expansion solution. This is also Advantech’s first fully PCI express 3.0 compliant backplane. PCI express3.0 support enlarges the data transfer bandwidth between processor and all of the PCI express slots, which boosts system performancefor streaming video display, and helps the system integrator to build an efficient machine vision inspection environment.

Matrox® Laboratory Validation with Mura™ MPX Series Video Wall Controller BoardsIn 2012 the Matrox laboratory in Canada started performing strict certifications for function compatibility and reliability. The PCE-5B12-00 and PCE-7B17-00 both proved fullycompatible with their Mura™ MPX Series for video wall related applications. The great expansion capability of PCE-7B17-00 supports up to 180 input sources, and can output to up to 20 HD displays; PCE-5B12-00 supports up to 40 input sources, can output to up to 40 HD displays. These reliable  backplanes provide OEMs, system integrators, resellers, and installers with the opportunity to build world-class, high-impact video walls for applications in digital signage, control rooms, security and surveillance.

Key features of PCE-5B12-00 and PCE-7B17-00 PCI Express Backplanes:- Matrox-lab-validated for use with Matrox® Mura™ MPX Series (MPX4/4, V8, V16) video wall controller boards.
- For scalable video wall controllers and DSP computing solutions.

- Designed to deliver maximum power to each PCIe slot.
- Long life cycle, with 7+ year backplane availability.

The PCE-5B12-00 and PCE-7B17-00 are compatible with Advantech PICMG1.3 SHB (System Host Board), and Advantech IPC-622/623 and ACP-5360/7360 20-slot rack-mount chassis. The outstanding expansion and performance features make this system an ideal computing platform for advanced industrial applications. PCE-5B12-00 and PCE-7B17-00 are now available for order and ready for shipment. 

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