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Blueair Indoor Air Cleaner Outperforms Rivals In Stringent Tests By Official Chinese Consumer Agency

Persbericht   •   jun 21, 2013 12:24 CEST

Stockholm/Beijing, 20 June - A top Chinese government organization has ranked the Blueair 503 indoor air purifier the best in protecting Chinese consumers from PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde pollution, arguably the two most serious indoor air threats to human health. The Blueair 503 is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg online from

In a comparative test on the performance of 22 different air purifiers on sale in China, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission reported that its tests showed the Blueair 503 was unmatched in removing both PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde from the air. The government agency noted a number of the air cleaner units from other top European, American, Japanese and Chinese manufacturers tested had performed poorly, failing to deliver their specific clean air delivery rate and emitting disturbingly high noise levels.

“We are delighted that the efficiency of Blueair air purifiers has proven as good as we advertise in removing hazardous small particles and formaldehyde from indoor air,” says Bengt Rittri, Blueair founder and chief executive.

“Since we were founded 16 years ago, we have pushed hard for unified standards to help consumers make the right choice to protect their health and wellbeing. We applaud the initiative of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission to test the veracity of claims being made by indoor air purification manufacturers, few of whom clearly match the clean air delivery technology and promise of Blueair.”

The commission tested the purifying efficiency of particulate matter, formaldehyde, the clean air delivery rate (CADR) and energy efficiency of 22 different air purifiers, including brands such as Electrolux, LG and Honeywell. The Blueair 503 vastly outperformed practically all such manufacturers with eight of the non-Blueair units tested showing a formaldehyde purifying efficiency below 20 percent, for example.

China is rapidly moving to tackle its bad air quality track record. The country has implemented a staged urban air quality improvement and monitoring program geared to address its air pollution problems that have attracted global headlines in recent years.

The Shanghai consumer agency urged consumers to act with caution when buying an indoor air purifier because of the substantial divergence revealed in the tests in functions, performance, appearance and price between the different brands. It recommended consumers to select air purifiers with ‘relevant outstanding performance… and a high capacity to remover formaldehyde and other pollutants’.

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