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Arctic Frontiers Science 2016 - 2nd Call for Papers

News   •   Aug 25, 2015 10:20 CEST

Now that the summer is nearly over we would like to remind you that the deadline for sending in abstracts to Arctic Frontiers Science 2016 is 21 September 2015.

The 10th Arctic Frontiers conference will be arranged in Tromsø, Norway from Sunday 24 January to Friday 29 January 2016. The title for the 2016 conference is Industry and Environment.

The Arctic is a global crossroad between commercial and environmental interests. The region holds substantial natural resources and many actors are investigating ways to utilise these for economic gain. Others view the Arctic as a particularly pristine and vulnerable environment and highlight the need to limit industrial development.

Arctic Frontiers 2016 will discuss the balance between resource utilisation and preservation, and between industrial and environmental interests in the Arctic. Envisioning a well-planned, well-governed, and sustainable development in the Arctic, how can improved Arctic stewardship help balance environmental concerns with industrial expansion? How can the environmental footprints from future business activities be minimised? And last but not least what role will existing and emerging technologies play in making industrial development profitable and environmentally friendly, securing a sustainable growth scenario for Arctic communities?

The Arctic Frontiers conference is a central arena for discussions of Arctic issues. The conference brings together representatives from science, politics, and NGOs to share perspectives on how upcoming challenges in the Arctic may be addressed to ensure sustainable development. Arctic Frontiers is composed of three sections: Arctic Frontiers Policy, Arctic Frontiers Science and Arctic Frontiers Business.

Arctic Frontiers Science 2016 will address three main themes:

  1. Environmental footprints
  2. Arctic stewardship
  3. Technology needs

This call for papers addresses only the science section that takes place from 27-29 January 2016.

On behalf of the scientific program committees, we have great pleasure in inviting you to submit one or more abstracts, for oral or poster presentation, to any of the three parts. We ask you to do so in accordance with the instructions provided on the Call for Papers page at

All abstracts will be reviewed by members of the three scientific committees for rating of abstract quality and presentation content.

Call for Papers closes on 21 September 2015


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