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Jiang Hansong Managing Partner in Arctic Green Seafood to speak at Arctic Frontiers Business 2017

News   •   Jan 07, 2017 14:37 CET

We are very pleased that Jiang Hansong will speak at Arctic Frontiers Business 2017. Mr Hansong is the Managing Partner in Arctic Green Seafood and also the owner of several companies in China, amongst others Hangzhou Rongxin Foreign trade Co., Ltd. 

Mr Hansong is importing seafood products to China (fish oil, prawns, cod and salmon) and is also exporting textiles and furniture from China. In recent years, he has assisted European seafood companies in connecting to the Chinese seafood market. Mr Hansong started in the seafood and textiles business in 2013. He is now working closely with Arctic Green Seafood to get good quality consumer package seafood imported to China. 

Mr Hansong has an artistic background and holds a musical degree from the National University of Singapore from where he graduated in 2009. Before starting his business career, he held the position as the Assistant Principal Viola at Singapore Symphony Orchestra (2009-2013). He is also teaching music at the National University of Singapore.

The title of his talk at Arctic Frontiers is: Seafood exports to China: How to meet new market expectations".

The dates for Arctic Frontiers 2017 are 22 - 27 January.

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