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Russian and Norwegian chefs prepare cod in celebration of joint fisheries management

News   •   Jan 10, 2016 18:59 CET

As a celebration of the 40 years of joint management of the cod stocks in the Barents Sea between Russia and Norway, we have engaged two Russian and two Norwegian chefs to participate in the preparation of cod dishes for the business dinner during Arctic Frontiers. This buffet dinner will be a joint effort with the staff at Clarion Hotel the Edge.

When: Tuesday January 26, 20-30 - 23.30

The chefs from Norway are Gunnar Jensen (Mathallen in Tromsø) and Espen Ramnestedt (Kystens Hus in Tromsø). The chefs from Russia are Aleksandder Stephanovitsj Krisjanovskij (Restaurant Fusion in Kirovsk) and Roman Sergeevich Khodkevich (Restaurant Pochotovaya Kontora in Arkhangelsk). We are very much looking forward to watching these dedicated chefs prepare some of their dishes from stage and hearing them tell about seafood culinary traditions in Russia and Norway. And not to forget, we are looking forward to tasting their cod dishes. The moderator for the event is John G. Bernander.

About the chefs:

Gunnar Jensen has participated and performed well in many Norwegian and international chefs competitions. In 2012 he won the competition “The Norwegian Meal”. Gunnar Jensen has for many years worked as a chef in Bergen Norway. After moving north in Norway he has been the chef at Skarven Culinary Theatre and is now the chef at the restaurant Mathallen i Tromsø.

Espen Ramnestedt. Has previously worked as a chef at the restaurant Smak in Bodø. Now he is the chef at Kystens Mathus in Tromsø. Espen was the winner of Arctic Chef 2014. 

Aleksandder Stephanovitsj Krisjanovskij, is a sous chef at the newly opened restaurant Fusion in Kirovsk. Both he and his restaurant has received very good reviews. Before taking up his passion for cooking and starteing to work as a chef, Aleksandder worked 13 years as an electrician in a large mining company. Through this he is a prime example of what is the overall theme for Arctic Frontiers BUSINESS 2016, cross-sector knowledge transfer!

Roman Sergeevich Khodkevich is a chef at Restaurant Pochtovaya Kontora in Arkhangelsk. Khodkevich is a member of the National Chefs Guild of Russia. He has his education from Arkhangelsk Technical School of Trade and Economics. Faculty: Technology of public catering facilities from where he graduated in 2007. He also has extensive additional education and has participated in a range of culinary competitions both as participant and jury. In 2013 he was the Prize winner of the International Kremlin Culinary Cup and also the top five participants in the final stage in the competition "The best grill master of Russia". 

Photo:Roman Sergeevich Khodkevich

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